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Mobile Marketing

Pull Based Service and Benefits: To be Tagged onto all TV and PRINT Media to Enhance Reach

When a potential clients sends in a message, he get a response message with a current promotion, contest running etc

The pull based keyword option can be used as a 1 point of contact for the consumers to connect with the brand

This service builds brand loyalty and hence builds business.

SMS Banking application - on-site SMPP client application to directly integrate with customer's core bank platform and manage message processing with various SMPP gateways. Includes UI module to enable various bank departments to directly load messages through the UI while ensuring complete security behind the bank's firewall

Message Board - Solution which helps you during your meet and conference to get questions and voting / feedback from attendees on a big screen.

Sales Force Automation ( SFA) - Solution which helps your sales people to send their daily report through mobile.

OBD Service - Promotional OBD & Transactional OBD - We can provide you accounts , which you can use from your own to process / broadcast Voice Clips/campaigns.

Automated Voice Call/OBD if SMS is not delivered - Push & Pull Technologies is providing a Unique services to their Enterprise customers. This is automated IVR/OBD to mobile numbers, which either got failed or expired while processing the messages. This ensures full reach to all mobile database either through SMS or Voice.

Virtual Call Centre Solution - This Solution helps customer to get the call centre solution without investing on call centre infrastructure.. Solution can be designed with Toll-free and Tolled number , where end user can call and select the IVR as per flow shared by customer and call patch can be done with respective department executive or Site executive. Addition to that we can also provide recording of customer discussion with respective executive