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Enterprise Solutions

Push & Pull Services combines the latest for Enterprise Mobility Services ( in mobile technologies, engagement models, and system integration) - to deliver innovation that matters, and business value that lasts beyond a few business cycles.

Unique Features

1. Multiple Operator Connectivity through our own proprietary SMSCs - i.e., Push & Pull has full control of SMS delivery all the way to the operator network.

2. Customizable, multi-operator retry logic to offer the best SLAs in the industry.

3. Push & Pull's proprietary Virtual Number platform deployed within the operator network.

4. Industry leading UI design for our Enterprise messaging platform, including single sign-on functionality for all Push & Pull service offerings

5. Customer-first management philosophy to ensure customer service is always our highest priority

Products/ Services offered by Push & Pull

Short Code and Suffix

SMS Service

Automated Voice Call/OBD if SMS is not delivered

Virtual Call Centre Solution

Virtual Number

OBD Service

Sales Force Automation

Click To Call

SMS Banking application

Message Board